Waelz Oxide (“WOX”)

WOX (sometimes called crude zinc oxide or CZO) is produced from the recycling of EAF dust in our Waelz Kilns, which is a High Temperature Metals Recovery process designated as Best Available Demonstrated Technology by the U.S. EPA for managing EAF dust, a listed hazardous waste under EPA regulations.  EAF dust is blended with a carbon source and water, heated to approximately 1200 degrees Celsius in the Waelz Kiln where the non-ferrous metals volatilize into the counter-current air stream inside the kiln and captured in product collectors.  The zinc-rich WOX is used as a feedstock to produce zinc metal at our Mooresboro, NC facility or sold to other zinc smelters for use as an alternative to zinc concetrates in zinc production.  WOX typically contains approximately 60% zinc, as compared to the ~20% zinc contained in EAF dust.