Our Facilities


With headquarters located in Pittsburgh, PA, American Zinc Recycling's operation consists of a state-of-the-art solvent-extraction/electrowinning plant in Mooresboro, NC, a zinc powder facility in Palmerton, PA, and four recycling facilities located in Barnwell, SC, Calumet, IL, Rockwood, TN, and Palmerton, PA.

Our facilities process hundreds of thousands of tons per year of electric arc furnace (EAF) dust generated by the steel industry. EAF dust is a listed hazardous waste. It contains approximately 20% zinc from galvanized scrap melted by steel mini-mills. Horsehead's Waelz kiln technology has been designated by the U.S. EPA as the "Best Demonstrated Available Technology" for processing EAF dust.

Barnwell, SC
American Zinc Recycling's first green field facility for recycling EAF Dust is now operating at full production in Barnwell, SC.  The 2nd Waelz Kiln was commissioned on September 20, 2010.  The facility began receiving EAF Dust in April 2010 with the commissioning of its first Waelz Kiln.  The new facility will have the capacity to process up to 180,000 tons per year of EAF dust.


Calumet, IL
American Zinc Recycling's Calumet facility, located just south of Chicago on the Calumet River, operates two Waelz kilns and processes EAF dust. Built in 1940 to calcine coke and coal for the steel and aluminum industries, Horsehead purchased the plant in 1986 and began processing EAF dust on August 8, 1988.



Mooresboro, NC
This facility utilizes low-cost, environmentally-friendly processes to selectively remove and refine valuable metals. The plant produces special high-grade (SHG) zinc and continuous-galvanizing grade (CGG), in addition to the Prime Western (PW) grade that the Company produced prior to opening this facility.


Palmerton, PA
Located in a scenic valley along the Lehigh River 80 miles north of Philadelphia, the facility was named for the company president who guided the development of the site. The Palmerton facility produces concentrated zinc material in three Waelz kilns, powder metal in zinc alloys and operates our only calcining kiln.



Rockwood, TN
Located between Nashville and Knoxville, our Rockwood facility operates with fewer than 50 people, but processes nearly 100,000 tons of EAF dust annually in the creation of Crude Zinc Oxide (CZO) and Iron-Rich Material (IRM). Built in 1978 as a direct iron reduction plant, Horsehead purchased the facility in 1989 and started processing EAF dust in 1990.




Ellwood City, PA
Located 35 miles northwest of Pittsburgh in Ellwood City, INMETCO has been in operation since 1978. INMETCO began by recycling wastes from stainless steel manufacturers known as mill scale, swarf and flue dust. Since then the process specifications broadened to accept a wide array of other waste streams, including recycled batteries.