Nickel is everywhere in our world in coins, magnets, jewelry, electronics and more. From an industrial standpoint, there are many practical applications for this lustrous transition metal, which produce waste materials requiring recycling.  These include nickel and chromium solutions, grindings, wastewater treatment plant sludge, plating, tank bottoms, catalysts, pickling acids and rinse waters.

Exposure to nickel in an industrial/occupational setting is a hazard. As part of the AZR family of companies, we adhere to high standards of production, service and environmental sustainability in compliance with all applicable regulations with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA ID #PAD087561015), the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

We accept bulk shipments of liquids and solids, as well as materials packaged in drums, totes, gaylords, and super sacks secured on pallets.