Paint and Coating

The fungicidal and mildicidal properties of zinc oxide make it an important ingredient in many paint formulations.

Coatings formulated with zinc oxide provide biocidal functions, improve colour retention and the durability of the film under varying climatic conditions.

In exterior oil-base and most latex formulations, our low surface area zinc oxide is recommended where low consistency and low reactivity are required. The effects of weathering are reduced by increasing the coatings UV absorption with the same excellent stability properties. Zinc oxide also neutralizes harmful acids which form on the aging vehicle in addition to offering certain opacities.

For interior white enamels, our high surface area zinc oxide reduces the effects of yellowing with the highest reactivity, viscosity and low opacity. This high surface zinc oxide can also be used as a can lacquer coating to prevent the effects of food discolouration from sulfides of iron or tin.

Zochem produces lead free paint grades of zinc oxide from the highest purity zinc metal, Special High Grade zinc (99.99%) that yields a statistically controlled, bright white pigment powder with the lowest trace metal impurities.


Zinc oxide is used in pressure-sensitive, rubber based adhesives for its superior tack retention. Its bactericidal properties are also important in surgical and first aid tapes. ZOCHEM produces a complete range from technical grades for industrial tapes, to pharmaceutical grades for surgical tapes.