Chemical Products

Zinc oxide has a variety of chemical industry applications where a source of zinc metal is required.

It is one of the main ingredients in the manufacture of zinc dialkyldithiophosphate, an important anti corrosion, anti-wear additive used in virtually all lubricants

It is used as a starting chemical to manufacture many products such as a zinc stearate for plastics, zinc based accelerators for the rubber industry, zinc diacrylate for golf balls and zinc borate for use in flame retardant materials, to name just a few.

Zinc oxide also plays an important role in the electroplating industry. It is easily dissolved in acid plating solutions, such as phosphoric or sulfuric, without the evolution of volatile hydrogen. The zinc can then be electroplated on to the metal to be coated, increasing its resistance to corrosion and providing excellent adhesion for primers.

In reactions such as these, the importance of zinc oxide purity can not be underestimated. High levels of trace metals, such as lead, react to form unwanted compounds in the mixture which, in turn, adversely affect the finished product. Trace metal contamination of any kind can adversely affect all of the afore-mentioned reactions through the production of by-products.

Through the use of Special High Grade zinc, Zochem consistently produces zinc oxide to ensure that the stringent needs of the chemical industry are met. Our chemical grades offer consistent high quality zinc oxide, low in unwanted trace metals