American Zinc Recycling announces plans to repair and restart the zinc smelter in Rutherford County, NC

The Board of Directors of American Zinc Recycling Corp. (“AZR”) announced that the company will repair and restart its zinc smelter in Rutherford County, NC as soon as practicable. The damage to the plant caused by the recent fire was largely limited to a discrete area of the plant, and there were no reported injuries from the fire.

Rodrigo Daud, CEO of AZR, commented: “We look forward to repairing and restarting our Rutherford County, NC plant, which had been fully constructed and was successfully producing zinc before the fire. The fire began from an ancillary unit that was adjacent to the cell house, and we will be redesigning this unit to minimize the possibility of future incidents. The response of the fire department and the other first responders, along with the safety focused, specific actions of our employees, prevented any injuries and enabled the fire to be contained.